CSS: How to play with a and a div class and make changes in the style block by overwriting the old css style

<style type=”text/css”>
.yui-u p{margin-left:1em; }
.yui-ge p{margin-bottom:8em;}

An Embedded Code in an HTML to overwrite the referring CSS:

In Example above we see here that .yui-u is a div class which inherits the style functions of a certain css file(eg. say style.css which doesn’t have the margin left in the css.)

So in order to make changes in the inherited CSS emdebing above ling of .yui-u would refer that too a div class, and after a space p would refer to allĀ  the p tags and in {} we mention the attribute which we want it to be acted like.

similarly is for the second line .yui-ge p{} as shown above.

-sahil chokshi

~ by technologyupdates on July 29, 2008.

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